Upgrade your kitchen or bath: Change your kitchen counter top, flooring, or backsplash without the cost of a full reno.

Is your limited budget keeping you from undertaking the renovation you were dreaming about? Upgrade your kitchen or bath instead of doing a full renovation. At SKG we can handle anything from a small kitchen upgrade, to a full restructuring and remodel of your entire kitchen space. Do you want to take on only a small project, to save the time, hassle and expense of a larger renovation? Have no fear, SKG Renovations has performed dozens of small kitchen upgrades and remodels. Most of these smaller kitchen upgrade projects have involved replacing an old, worn out, and dated kitchen counter top with a hip, new, real stone, or manufactured stone surface. When your old kitchen counter top is replaced, it is also a great time to consider a new faucet and sink, since the old one must be removed during the change over, regardless. Undermount sinks are always a great addition to any kitchen upgrade, and they tend to give your new kitchen a “high-end” feel. Another great idea to transform your kitchen space, is to replace or resurface  your cabinet doors. This is a fantastic, cost effective way to update and improve, without the high cost of a full renovation. Maybe your flooring is still a stylish old 70’s vinyl. Your kitchen upgrade can involve changing to a hip new porcelain tile, a warm and soft cork floor, a high tech composite surface flooring, or simply a traditional engineered wood floor. A few of these choices could be considered quite costly if they were included in a large scale renovation. Incorporated into a small kitchen upgrade, they can be a realistic choice if you can a apply a few more dollars to far smaller number of improvements. In other words, you can upgrade instead of renovate, by concentrating on a few “key features” like a new kitchen counter top in your new upgraded space without blowing the budget on a full scale renovation. These “key features” can achieve the highest impact in your new and improved kitchen space, resulting in a massive transformation that stays on budget. Of course, we can also handle the full kitchen renovations with speed and efficiency, if that is the option you prefer. Check out all the kitchen and bathroom pics under “WORKS”, or simply click on a pic on the HOME page to show more pics of each project.