About SKG Renovations:

SKG is a kitchen and bathroom renovation contractor creating beautiful spaces in Greater Vancouver since 2005. Every job is a source of pride, and every client is a good reference. I, Steve Gehrmann, started SKG renovations in 2005, and I still take responsibility for everything that happens on every job site.


My Philosophy:

As the president (and the person primarily responsible for all SKG creations), I can refer to SKG Renovations as a “premium renovation contractor” for good reason. I take great pride in all of the successive accomplishments, from beginning to completion, of all of our bathroom and kitchen renovations. I also feel that the relationship that we build with the homeowner is equally important to the high quality craftsmanship we produce.


My Work:

We at SKG Renovations focus on creating magnificent bathroom and kitchen creations that are as magnificent behind the wall as they are aesthetically. With all of our renovations, our goal is to provide the highest quality of work using “best practices” in this industry. This means that we focus on code compliance, of course, but most importantly about attention to the foundational “behind the walls” portion of our renovations as much as we do the final look of the product. In other words, we take all the time required to do the job right from beginning to end; not just focussing on the finishing, as is most often the unspoken standard in this industry. It is in the details that contractors like SKG stand apart. In upgrades as well as complete renovations, a concentration on the details allows for a finished product that is superior in every way. But even more importantly, this focus allows the client to be confident that the structural, electrical and plumbing fundamentals are finished to the highest standard as well. This prevents the greater problems like leaks, cracks, and electrical hazards from reducing the useful life of your kitchen or bathroom, and damaging the quality and value of your home.


Communication is key:

We at SKG are focussed on the goal of providing as comfortable an experience as possible for the client before, during, and after the project. You may have heard from friends or relatives about the stressful experiences they may have had during their kitchen or bathroom renovations. As such, you may be skeptical about whether this “comfortable renovation experience” is even possible. I believe that it is indeed possible, and I have many clients that would attest to that fact. Of course we at SKG, can only do what is in our power to do, to relieve as much of the stress as possible during this process. However, I do believe that this comfort can be achieved by fostering a trusting relationship between client and contractor, which involves focussing on clear and honest communication between both parties. I have personally witnessed the success of this strategy on many of our projects. I will even go as far as to say, that it has been an enjoyable experience for many of SKG’s clients because of the way that we strive to bring the client into the process, giving them a sense of commitment to the process and it’s outcome. This “connection” with what, how, and why things are happenning, often makes the client feel more deeply satisfied with the result because they realize that they played a big part. Perhaps I belabour this point simply because we at SKG realize by talking to clients and friends, that this is the most overlooked and poorly managed part of most renovation projects, yet one of the most important parts. As a result, I ensure that any individual representing SKG (most often myself) is always aware and highly motivated to maintain this highest of priorities. And again, we also do awesome work!! Actually, nobody does it better!

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