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Another unique and economical service offered to clients of SKG Renovations is a design consulting service that allows the homeowner an opportunity to play an instrumental role in the design and layout without the need for any design expertise. The process is remarkably simple. For a reasonable flat or hourly fee (client’s choice), we first sit down with the client to get some ideas about their vision for the space. We then direct the client to review on their own time, a series of pictures of every kind of kitchen or bathroom space that they could possibly imagine; literally hundreds of images of very recent kitchens and bathrooms images from a powerful internet resourse that we recommend, There are pictures from humdreds of contractors from all over Canada and the USA, displaying thousands of their best projects to date. SKG Renovations also has a professional profile on Houzz, so all project pics are also displayed here. Everything from conservative, to the most opulant and expensive kitchens & bathrooms are included on this website. We encourage clients to review these photos, and create a “ideabook” of images containing the design elements that they would like to see in their own bathroom or kitchen. If a client prefers doing their research from popular design periodicals, they ca also create a scrapbook of photos for the same purpose. We then sit down with the client to qualify their choices, by determining what desings/layout can actually work in their specific space. We also provide general cost info to allow the client to narrow the scope based on their budget. We also inform the client about the practical/ergonomic elements to consider to further narrow down their choices. A representation of their layout and a list of their design and product choices can then be compliled to allow the client to see the scope of the project that they have selected. An important part of this design consulting process is the opportunity for the client to revise their plan as the project progresses because they may have simply changed their minds, or because of structural, electrical, or plumbing limitations that inevitably present themselves during the demo stage. This flexibility is an important and realistic part of the SKG design consulting process that is difficult to manage when hiring a designer. Too often,  there is a communication discontinuity between designer & contractor which makes it difficult to manifest the client’s vision in a timely and cost effective manner. SKG embraces the dynamic nature of these projects because every person involved in the work, is committed, informed and interested in the what, how, and why of everything that goes on with design, layout and work related issues. In fact, the owner/manager of SKG is very often on site, working to ensure that the client is happy, and all is progressing according to the plan.

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