Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2016
Project Price: $50,000 – $100,000


Stephen was able to give us with our dream kitchen. His attention to detail and ability to look ahead at what the final picture would be was invaluable. We have used him in the past for a bathroom reno and will continue to use him for future projects. He does excellent work and went to great lengths to make sure we were happy with each step, change, and final result. I would highly recommend Stephen for anyone looking for superb quality work!! He is worth the wait.

Lindsay Nadine

Client: Tania
Project Date: August 2010

We loved Steve, his work and the final outcome. He installed a bathroom for us (tiling, toilet, shower, created a wall, fan…), re-did a room for us including putting in a window and remodeled our other bathroom. He was creative in getting out our old very heavy bathtub.We’ve used him several times and have recommended him to our friends. He’s clean and tidy, respectable and responsible. We trusted him to do the work while we were away.One of the most amazing things he did for us was when we were out of the country and had rented out our house. The tenants called with a problem with an exterior door (unrelated to his work) and he attended to look at it and fix it – then said it was on the house!We’ve also used him to run ideas of renovations and costs by other builders. He’s a busy guy but if you can catch him, he’s worth hiring.


Client: Derek Peristy
Project Date: October 2012
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

Steve was very professional and approachable while consulting with a huge variety of aspects in my kitchen renovation, in which he has a wealth of knowledge in.
He took the time to sit down with me and understand what I wanted, as well as explain/recommend many items that I was not even aware of. This really provided me with a clear view of how to create a natural, progressive, and efficient area. Being involved with the process really made me feel like the kitchen was designed perfectly for my needs.
He proved himself over and over with creative and progressive solutions to create a unique, cost-effective, and premium kitchen. My kitchen feels high-end as well as cutting-edge modern without breaking the bank.
He was very flexible with his working hours, and he was exceptionally clean and tidy.
He really cares about his quality and craftsmanship, and took the time to do the job right, and added some finishing touches that were very exciting and impressive!
He went above and beyond my expectations to ensure my kitchen will function for the long term by raising any concerns with the electrical, plumbing, moisture, etc., which I really appreciated.I will be using him again for my two bathroom renovations, and would highly recommend him for any renovation!

Derek Peristy

Client: Diane Srivastava
Project Date: April 2007
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

I highly recommend Steve. He does things right, the first time, and his quality is completely trustworthy. He has a wide knowledge of all things construction, whether it is drywall or plumbing or carpentry, and can help visualize a project to completion. We would definitely hire him again!

Diane Srivastava

Client: Pabloormo
Project Date: January 2011
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

Steve renovated my kitchen in early 2011; I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful in the design phase and truly committed to acheiving excellence in the delivery of the construction project.
I have no reservation recommending him and am hoping that he will shortly be working on my bathroom renovation.


Client: Carrol Robbins
Project Date: January 2010
Project Price: more than $100,000

My experience was awesome, amazing work especially to details. Very easy to communicate with if I was concerned about anything . Would highly recommend this company

Carrol Robbins