An outdoor improvement project in Whistler BC including stairway shoring and a beautiful overhead snow roof.


This outdoor improvement project solved a long standing problem for the owners of this condo in Whistler, BC.


Every season there is often a meter or more of snow that accumulated on the front steps making it impossible to come and go via the front entrance. The owners would literally have to dig their way out to go to the grocery store.


The solution was an attractive snow roof built over the front entry stairs, with a roof pitch that matched the steep roofline of the main structure.


Now the snow accumulates on the roof until it simply slips away to each side of the stairway. No more shovelling!


SKG also added recessed lighting fixtures along the entire length of the stairway to light up those dark winter nights.


A motion sensor was also installed at the top of the stairs so that the path would be lit up as soon as any guests approached on foot or vehicle, yet no energy would be wasted when no light was needed.


The stairway was also levelled and shored up; some essential maintenance after decades of exposure to rain, snow ice.


A beautifully designed structure, pinned into the granite megalith beneath, ensures that it will serve it’s purpose for generations to come.