A radical transformation in this small bathroom renovation


A very typical Vancouver apartment bathroom on the West Side of Vancouver, desperately needed a makeover. This small bathroom renovation by SKG created a modern and creative oasis for the happy homeowner.



The first task was to remove and dispose of all the old fixtures, tiles and finishing, as well as most of the drywall on the walls and ceiling. The bathroom had been flooded a couple of times in the past, due to incompetent plumbing work done in the apartment above. Even though the drywall had been dried at the time, it was severely compromised by the previous flooding and needed to be replaced. The flooring perimeter was also affected and required structural repair before any further remodelling could be started.


A compact but beautiful, modern new bathroom space

This small bathroom renovation created a small but efficient new bathroom that ticks all the boxes. A beautiful dark wood finished two drawer floating vanity was installed with lots of storage to keep the bathroom space efficient, and the countertop uncluttered. With a clean counter surface, the client can now enjoy the stunning Taj Mahal Quartzite countertop and backsplash that was also installed. Mounted on this stone masterpiece was a modern semi-recessed sink & faucet from Kohler. A full mirror was mounted above the small backsplash with a LED fixture with 4 hanging pendants in place of the standard wall-mounted vanity light. The pendants hang just proud of the mirror surface for perfect lighting around the face. Large rectangular porcelain tiles were installed on the floor with a colour that complements the white and iron oxide tones of the quartzite. A sleek Toto two piece toilet with a hand bidet was also installed. A basic acrylic bathtub was installed with a Moen valve and trim set. A premium Acritec frameless, rolling glass shower door was installed to give the tub / shower a more high-end look and feel. A bright recessed LED fixture was also installed over the shower to make this space even brighter. To finish it off this stunning small bathroom renovation, a set of three custom made quartzite shelves were installed over the toilet for some attractive open storage.