Granite vs Quartz – An admittedly biased comparison

Granite vs Quartz - What is the difference........ really Granite vs quartz is an increasingly popular topic as the market for quartz countertops (aka: engineered quartz, engineered stone, manufactured stone) is quickly becoming the most popular counter surface in...

Under Cabinet Lighting – Installation tips

Under Cabinet Lighting (LED or Xenon): Installation Tips! UPDATED JULY 2017 Xenon Pucks (recessed): To install LED or xenon under cabinet lighting pucks, the cabinet bottoms are simply drilled out (whatever spacing you prefer) with the correct size hole saw bit...

Buying a refrigerator? Tall & shallow are best.

UPDATED JULY 2017 Most refrigerators manufactured today are too short and too deep to adequately serve the needs of the people buying them The vast majority of refrigerators that are manufactured today, both in the economy category, and well into the upper price...

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